Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Chickens, Yes?

I have a dilemma. To get more chicks or to not get more chicks.

We are down to eight hens now.  Our rooster was carried off by a fox. The chicken coop needs repair.  The chicken yard should be bigger if we do add to the flock.  That means putting up fence. ( The worst chore ever!)  However they do run free-range most of the time.

Currently they are giving us about six eggs a day.  We have folks asking us for eggs, so that would be a little bit of income to off-set feed costs.

I would much rather Mamma Hen to do the chick-raising, but without a rooster we have no fertile eggs.

My thoughts are Americaunas, I love them.  They are such beautiful birds and lay the blue/green eggs.  Right now we have all brown egg layers.

The big dilemma: I do not enjoy taking care of chicks.  We have never had any real issues with raising them, so I am not sure why it is such a chore for me.  They are the cutest little critters.  That is until they reach that awkward age.  You know, when they look like they have the mange.  Then they start to feather and become beautiful. 

Ok, Ok, I will go pick up chicks this week. I just need to find the heat lamp, get shavings, chick feed, find the chick water bottle, build a brooder...

Luna says not to worry, she will watch out for them.

Yeah, right into her mouth, she'll watch them!

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  1. I think you should. They are pretty low cost and low maintenance. I can help with the fence too. :)